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H - SIP Protocol responses
What is "SIP/2.0 100 Trying"?
What is "SIP/2.0 180 Ringing"?
What is "SIP/2.0 181 Call is Being Forwarded"?
What is "SIP/2.0 182 Queued"?
What is "SIP/2.0 183 Session in Progress"?
What is "SIP/2.0 199 Early Dialog Terminated"?
What is "SIP/2.0 200 OK"?
What is "SIP/2.0 202 Accepted"?
What is "SIP/2.0 204 No Notification"?
What is "SIP/2.0 300 Multiple Choices"?
What is "SIP/2.0 301 Moved Permanently"?
What is "SIP/2.0 302 Moved Temporarily"?
What is "SIP/2.0 305 Use Proxy"?
What is "SIP/2.0 380 Alternative Service"?
What is "SIP/2.0 400 Bad Request"?
What is "SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized"
What is "SIP/2.0 402 Payment Required"?
What is "SIP/2.0 403 Forbidden"?
What is "SIP/2.0 404 Not Found"?
What is "SIP/2.0 405 Method Not Allowed"?
What is "SIP/2.0 406 Not Acceptable"?
What is "SIP/2.0 407 Proxy Authentication Required"?
What is "SIP/2.0 408 Request Timeout"?
What is "SIP/2.0 409 Conflict"?
What is "SIP/2.0 410 Gone"?
What is "SIP/2.0 411 Length Required"?
What is "SIP/2.0 412 Conditional Request Failed"?
What is "SIP/2.0 413 Request Entity Too Large"?
What is "SIP/2.0 414 Request-URI Too Long"?
What is "SIP/2.0 415 Unsupported Media Type"?
What is "SIP/2.0 416 Unsupported URI Scheme"?
What is "SIP/2.0 417 Unknown Resource-Priority"?
What is "SIP/2.0 420 Bad Extension"?
What is "SIP/2.0 421 Extension Required"?
What is "SIP/2.0 422 Session Interval Too Small"?
What is "SIP/2.0 423 Interval Too Brief"?
What is "SIP/2.0 424 Bad Location Information"?
What is "SIP/2.0 428 Use Identity Header"?
What is "SIP/2.0 429 Provide Referrer Identity"?
What is "SIP/2.0 430 Flow Failed"?
What is "SIP/2.0 433 Anonymity Disallowed"?
What is "SIP/2.0 436 Bad Identity-Info"?
What is "SIP/2.0 437 Unsupported Certificate"?
What is "SIP/2.0 438 Invalid Identity Header"?
What is "SIP/2.0 439 First Hop Lacks Outbound Support"?
What is "SIP/2.0 470 Consent Needed"?
What is "SIP/2.0 480 Temporarily Unavailable"?
What is "SIP/2.0 481 Call/Transaction Does Not Exist"?
What is "SIP/2.0 482 Loop Detected"?
What is "SIP/2.0 483 Too Many Hops"?
What is "SIP/2.0 484 Address Incomplete"?
What is "SIP/2.0 485 Ambiguous"?
What is "SIP/2.0 486 Busy Here"?
What is "SIP/2.0 487 Request Terminated"?
What is "SIP/2.0 488 Not Acceptable Here"?
What is "SIP/2.0 489 Bad Event"?
What is "SIP/2.0 491 Request Pending"?
What is "SIP/2.0 493 Undecipherable"?
What is "SIP/2.0 494 Security Agreement Required"?
What is "SIP/2.0 500 Server Internal Error"?
What is "SIP/2.0 501 Not Implemented"?
What is "SIP/2.0 502 Bad Gateway"?
What is "SIP/2.0 503 Service Unavailable"?
What is "SIP/2.0 504 Server Time-out"?
What is "SIP/2.0 505 Version Not Supported"?
What is "SIP/2.0 513 Message Too Large"?
What is "SIP/2.0 580 Precondition Failure"?
What is "SIP/2.0 600 Busy Everywhere"?
What is "SIP/2.0 603 Decline"?
What is "SIP/2.0 604 Does Not Exist Anywhere"?
What is "SIP/2.0 606 Not Acceptable"?
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